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Improve inventory tracking with RFID solutions, streamline you workflow process with mobile barcode scanning from any device and reduce time with integrated label generation.

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Optimize and Automate Workflow

Inventory Tracking

With the power of RFID, digitize your warehouse floor to track items in a 3D floorplan. Or make use RFID or barcodes to quick scan and detect items as it moves through the assembly process.

Labeling & Printing

We make it easy to product and generate labels on the fly making use of the cloud to pull real time item data to place on the labels. Our solutions can generate labels of any design for any printer on the market, like Zebra printers.

Auditing & Quality Control

Effectively and efficiently conduct inventory audits via barcode scanning while improving accuracy and reducing time spent. Or take if further with RFID scanning to automatically detect inventory levels. Drive traceability with scanning features to follow the item as it moves along each step of the production process.


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