Equipment Rental, Dispatch Operations, and Material Transfer

Streamline and automate the processes of material transfer, equipment rental, and dispatch management on a modern cloud platform.

  • Material Transfer Tracking and Alerts
  • Equipment Rental and Scheduling
  • Real-Time Dispatch Management
  • Integration and Mobile Access
  • Analytics and Scalability
Petrofly Rental Overview Petrofly Project Overview

Track and Manage All Aspects of your Rentals, Dispatch, and Material Transfer Efficiently.

Material Transfer Management

Track and manage material transfers efficiently with real-time updates. Generate necessary documentation and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Equipment Rental Management

Manage equipment rentals with detailed catalogs and easy booking. Track maintenance schedules and ensure equipment is in optimal condition.

Dispatch Management

Optimize and track dispatch tasks in real time. Plan routes efficiently and allocate resources based on current demand.

Enhance Your Operations with Real-Time Management!

Quickly and efficiently manage material transfers, equipment rentals, and dispatch tasks with our all-in-one platform. Track real-time updates, address issues, and monitor resource allocation seamlessly. Optimize your operations by overseeing transfers, rental schedules, maintenance, dispatch routes, and more with our sophisticated software system.

Tracking and Traceability
Efficiently manage and track your inventory items across any number of locations. Easily oversee your inventory in real time with detailed drill-downs to trace each movement of your items. Effectively identify issues in your supply chain or workflow with advanced data analysis.
Hardware & Equipment Integration
While our system has its own built-in scanners, it can fully integrate with existing hard devices your team uses to scan and track inventory items. We are fully RFID-compatible and have the ability to digitize your warehouse floor to track items in a 3D floor plan. Petrofly will also handle all your printing needs. From labels to reports, all can be done at the click of a button or a quick scan of the item.
Document Management
Petrofly makes it easy to manage all procedures, designs, safety documents, quality control documents, audit files, etc. for your organization. Make use of revision control, approval tracking, licensing, and automatic notifications to ensure your documents and files are up-to-date with the latest qualifications and certifications.
Auditing Assistance
Schedule and manage internal audits with effective tools to set audit criteria and target locations or items. Make use of barcode or RFID scanning technology to locate and scan targeted items to streamline and optimize your audits. Audit reports can be automatically generated and sent to supervisors and managers as soon as audits are completed.

Effective Management Tools

Optimize and streamline your material transfers, equipment rentals, and dispatch operations with advanced technology and automated tools. Efficiently manage transfers, rentals, and dispatch tasks with real-time updates and performance analysis. Reducing downtime and increasing efficiency have never been simpler.

Inventory Tracking
Real-time tracking of materials from source to destination, including status updates and location tracking.
Automated Documentation
Generation and management of transfer documents, receipts, and reports.
Compliance and Safety
Ensuring all material transfers comply with safety regulations and standards.
Alerts and Notifications
Automated alerts for critical events, such as delays, shortages, or excess inventory.
Catalog Management
Detailed listing of available equipment with specifications, availability, and rental rates.
Booking and Scheduling
Easy booking and scheduling of equipment, with calendar views and conflict resolution.
Contract Management
Handling rental agreements, terms, and conditions, including digital signatures.
Maintenance and Servicing
Tracking maintenance schedules, service history, and ensuring equipment is in optimal condition before rental.
Real-Time Dispatching
Real-time assignment and tracking of dispatch tasks to field personnel.
Route Optimization
Efficient allocation of resources (vehicles, drivers, equipment) based on current demand and availability.
Communication Tools
Integrated communication tools for seamless coordination between dispatchers and field personnel.
Real-Time Dispatching
Real-time assignment and tracking of dispatch tasks to field personnel.
Seamless integration with existing ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems to ensure data consistency and streamline workflows.
Mobile Access
Mobile-friendly interfaces and apps for on-the-go access and updates by field personnel.
Customer Portal
Self-service portals for customers to book rentals, track orders, and access documentation.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

"We had a long and repetitive process for handling JIBs. Petrofly made a custom page for us with no additional cost after we signed up. All we have to do now is click generate, and everything is taken care of for us in a couple of seconds. To be able to view all of my production through my email is also a nice addition to have."

-Robert Sampson, Owner, Alpha Resources

"As an operator that has multiple assets in multiple states, it is especially difficult for us to find new servicers when a new job comes up or when we are looking to lower our expenditure on a specific workover. After adopting Petrofly's platform, we were not only able to get connected to vendors with better pricing but also get notified when some of our expenditures were too high compared to the market."

-John Berman, Lead PE, SMN Production Company

“Petrofly has been an easy-to-use, web-based application that our corporate employees and field-level employees can access via laptop, phone, or tablet to improve the reporting of daily oil and gas production, expense reporting, and production history generation. This one-stop shop for data entry has saved us countless hours and thousands of dollars of labor that would otherwise go into manually recording these entries from different sources like gauge sheets, excel sheets, invoices, receipts, etc. I highly recommend the product to E&P companies, large and small.”

-Jogesh Vashisht, CEO, Vast Oil, Inc

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