Modern Title Management

Efficiently and effectively manage ownership changes with automated tools designed to save you time, reduce paperwork, and eliminate mistakes.

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Petrofly makes Handling Ownership Changes a Breeze

Handles All Changes

Petrofly's system can handle and streamline the processing of any type of transfer. Whether transferring to a new owner, dividing a title among new owners, or allocating a title to the previous owner(s), Petrofly takes care of it in seconds.

Royalty & JIB Allocation

Eliminate calculation errors and reduce labor hours with automatic royalty and JIB calculation and allocation to the new title owners based on the effective date, revenue interest, and working interest.

Transfer History

Petrofly provides the ability to trace each title as it changes ownership and flows through our system. All changes are recorded, with the ability to drill down to see all title modifications.

Intuitive and Modern Title Management
File Recordkeeping
Store and access any related title documents from anywhere and anytime, using Petrofly's advanced and secure cloud services. Review information on the go, so you can drive negotiations with landowners and partners.
Title Requirements
Petrofly's system will track the title information alongside its automated tools and notifications to keep your team up-to-date with title requirements, payment schedules, etc. to ensure a profitable relationship with title owners.
Integrated DOI's
Petrofly can generate ready-to-mail DOI letters and forms, filling in all related title information automatically, to save you time and reduce paperwork.

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