Streamined JIB Management

Simplify and optimize your joint-interest billing process with Petrofly's intuitive software. Eliminate repetitive paperwork and ensure you are getting paid by your partners with modern tools.

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Save the hassle and reduce time spent with effective JIB management solutions

Automatic Allocation

As expenses are enter into the system, each working interest partners share is automated calculated and allocated to proper production month and expense category.

Payment Tracking

Petrofly automatically tracks and records when JIB statements and issue and what details were on it. As checks and payments are received, Petrofly will store that data and also notify you when payments have not been paid past a specified time.

Paperwork Generation

Reduce time spent on writing and creating statements with single-click file generation and bulk generation features to handle all your partners at once.

Streamined Joint-Interest Billing Management
Get Started Easily
Set up with Petrofly is a breeze. Our team will verify and upload your working interest partners information and well decks within days.
Improve Communications
Petrofly can ease the burden on owner communication with direct email of statements and division orders directly to your owners.
Reduce Time Spent
On average Petrofly's JIB management clients have reported a reduction of 33% time spent producing and managing JIBs each month.

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