Reduce Lifting Costs to Increase Production Profits

An Effective Way to Reduce Lifting Cost during the downturn in 2020

Cause and Effect of the Downturn

Two monumental events have plunged the demand and price of oil, leaving those directly involved in exploration and production in an uncomfortable position. The oil price war within the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC+), along with the pandemic coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), has created a historic downturn for the oil industry. With the quarantine in effect, purchasing oil is not an immediate necessity at the moment. Even with Saudi Arabia and Russia agreeing on production cuts, the increasing supply cannot match the lowering demand right now. Oil producers asked to cut down on more production might go out of business because it might not be economical to continue output. On the other hand, oilfield service providers are facing a similar situation where lower demands and cutting production means less work availability.

An Effective Way to Reduce Lifting Cost

Petrofly offers a solution to help operators who are struggling to maintain production at minimal costs, and service providers that are earnestly looking for work. Operators can request specific services through Petrofly, and if the service is not urgent, they can receive a text message when a discounted rate for that service is available. This is possible because service providers will notify Petrofly with discounted rates on the days that they do not have work lined up. Instead of waiting around with no work while still needing to pay their employees, servicer providers are willing to fill the non-working days with work at a discounted rate, especially during this downturn. This notification is sent to operators who have made a prior request to this specific type of service. Producers benefit from even lower operational costs, and service providers can have more job opportunities.

A quick rundown of how Petrofly helps both operators and servicers amicably:

  • Operator requests for a service without an immediate deadline
  • Petrofly’s area specialist finds out which days the requested service provider wants work
  • The service provider wanting to work at a discounted rate for those days will notify Petrofly
  • A text message will be sent to the operator notifying them which days they can have a discount for that service
  • Operators have the option to ask to be directly connected to the service provider or wait for another opportunity via text making the process extremely efficient and fast

This unique feature is possible through Petrofly because a dedicated area specialist is in communications with service providers all over the country. Introducing operators to new service providers gives the operator more choices for lower costs when they are looking to get work done on the field.

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