Benefits of Oil & Gas Management Software

The Benefits of Oil and Gas Data Management Software

Many operators are still using paper and spreadsheets to get their production. Some have adopted the use of modern technology because it saves them time and money. Operators have to take advantage of oil and gas production software to stay competitive.

Oil and Gas Production Software Streamlines your Data

The traditional method of paper and spreadsheets is inefficient for obtaining production data because it is inconsistent. Storing production when it's captured provides transparency between your field and office and ensures you are up-to-date with your wells. Oil production software streamlines all your data so you can track all your wells on one platform.

Processing production when it's captured gives operators the ability to access specific production whenever they need it without worry. Streamlining production ensures that all your data is accounted for and provides an accurate overview of how your wells are performing. Production pumps the revenue, it should never be misplaced or put off.

Improving the Decision Making Process

Receiving production from separate spreadsheets through emails at irregular times makes it difficult to manage and access. As a decision-makers your time is money, so delays in decisions involving investors or divestments would mean lost opportunity to you and the company. Data needs to be present and accessible at all times during this time. Otherwise, additional information needed before reaching an agreement will postpone the meeting and delay the issue. By streamlining your data on a single platform, your time can be used for discussing matters at hand instead of searching for them.

Increase Productivity by Preparing for Downtimes

The oil and gas industry infamously collects data and never really uses it. This data should be used to reduce downtimes which are known to cause potential production loss and halt productivity. Equipping pumpers with the capability to oversee production data on your wells will lead to better decisions on the field when unexpected downtime occurs.

Access to production history will allow pumpers to react and even predict downtimes. A visual graph on daily well production gives your pumpers a chance to proactively detect and analyze production fluctuations and help reduce downtime on the field. On Petrofly’s platform, production history can be accessed on any mobile device so pumpers can act accordingly when production fluctuates and improve operational workflow.

First Steps into the Future of Oil

Oil and gas production management software affects the field and office staff, and their success is necessary for the operation. Automated field data streamlines production and provides timely data on a single platform. Utilizing data on well production history and trends will significantly reduce downtime and increase productivity. Using spreadsheets and paper was necessary 30 years ago, but today’s fast-paced technological world demands efficiency to stay competitive. The traditional way of processing production data cannot thrive with today’s oil prices. Being the complete upstream oilfield software, Petrofly streamlines your operation and removes the intangible obstacles that impede the oil industry.

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